Fishing has always been a favorite year round pastime in Pennsylvania. Many fishermen who enjoy angling in Pennsylvania during the summertime find out that the winter offers just as many great fishing opportunities. There are over 4000 fishing destinations spread over 600 thousand acres of land in Pennsylvania. Most contain a number of fish species, including Walleye, that can be fished through the ice. If you are looking for great walleye ice fishing in PA check out these popular spots.

Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie. (Erie County Pa)

North West Pennsylvania has always been considered one of the prime spots for ice fishing, and Presque Isle state park has been ranked One of the top places to fish in America by field and stream magazine. The bay is formed by a 7 mile long peninsula that extends into Lake Erie, and harbors a plentiful amount of Pike, Crappy, Bluegill, Perch, and Steelhead for ice fishers. Walleye also tend to be caught on the river side. In recent years, due to warming temperatures, the bay cannot always be counted on to freeze as well as it used to. So visitors must always call ahead for ice fishing conditions.

Pymatuning Lake, (Crawford County PA)

Pymatuning Lake in Pymatuning State Park, is another great ice fishing spot. Located in North western PA, it is a largemouth bass fishery as well as the largest inland lake in the state of Pennsylvania. It contains a large variety fish species the most plentiful being Walleye, Saugeye, Bass and Muskellunge. People of all skill levels can do well there.

Kinzua Lake (Warren County PA)

Allegheny Reservoir (Kinzua Lake), straddles the border between north western PA and New York State. It's known for having a large number of Walleye and Pike. The fish are frequently quite large. It has even set the state records for the largest walleye caught on both sides of the Pennsylvania and New York border. The most recent being 17 pounds 6 ounces.

Glendale Lake (Cambia County PA)

Glendale Lake is located in the heart of central PA in Prince Gallitzin State Park. It has 9 boat launches, a food concession stand, bathrooms, bathhouses and rooms for dressing as well as many recreational activities. Ice fishing is good in the winter. Bass and Pike are found there in large numbers. Walleye are less numerous but quite large as until recently they had not been fished and so have been able to grow larger.

Keystone State Park (Westmoreland County PA)

Located just minutes from the Pittsburgh metro area, Keystone State Park is another nice place for winter ice fishing, and has lots of amenities, as well as sledding and other activities for kids. A great place to bring the family for a winter camping trip. Walleye are present and fishing is good for all skill levels.

Youghieheny River Lake (Fayette County PA)

This 2,800 acre lake is not far from Keystone state park, and is well stocked with walleye, smallmouth Bass and Trout. But take caution when attempting to fish this lake through the ice, as the water level changes dramatically from spot to spot, and unstable ice has been reported at times, due to a flood control damn which sometimes releases water leaving ice floating over pockets of air.