Web Hosting – What is a Dedicated Server?

In the modern day, web hosting is becoming more and more popular. When you talk about a dedicated server, you are actually taking about the rental or limited use of an internet server and connection or related software from a company that provides web hosting services to its customers.

The server can be remotely accessed by the hosting company. The company is required to use a particular computer system though they may also be offered some alternatives.

The rented dedicated server will have a specified quantity of the memory, HDD space and the volume of data that will be delivered each month. How cheap a dedicated server is will mostly depend on a few factors like, how much data is provided, how stable is the server, among other issues.

Some service providers may allow the customer a virtual hosting. Thereby, enabling the client to provide some form of third party renting to other customers.

A cheap dedicated server allows you to customize the interface. Consequently, you can house as many domains as you like. You have the ability to customize the server and install your own security options. The server also has added security considering it’s only dedicated to you and not to others. Even if you decide to go for a cheap server, be keen to ensure it suits your needs.

Dedicated servers are available from a number of different online vendors, each coming with their own specific features and benefits. You will also discover that you can go for magento hosting as well – which gives you an alternative consideration for your website. Just make sure that you research your available options properly and you are good to go.