Looking for scary places in Pa? Finding them isn't hard. Pennsylvania is an old state with a bloody history and alot of spooky old caves, cemeteries and haunted houses.

Eastern State Penitentiary

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Home to Al Capone and other famous criminals, this gothic style prison in Philedelphia Pennsylvania was Americas first true penitentiary. It was designed for solitary confinement, which was meant to reform prisoners by subjecting them to a process of critical self awareness. Inmates lived behind metal sound proof doors and were gagged and hooded whenever they had to be taken out of their cells. This kept them safe from one another, however rather than inspiring introspection as it was intended the severe isolation caused many of the inmates to go insane. Perhaps it is these tortured souls that are responsible for the paranormal phenomena which has been reported by guards and inmates at the prison ever since the late 1940's. These reports include, among other things, ghostly laughter in cellblock 12 and a scary dark figure that appears in the corridors. Today the penitentiary operates as a museum and historic site and it is kept in a state of preserved ruin. Tours are given threwout the year, and it has been featured on many tv shows including Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted.

Gettysburg Ghost Walks

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Gettysburg Pennsylvania is a scary place with lots of old buildings and unmarked graves. If you like seeing creepy things, like a church floor with drain holes in it (so the blood could empty out) then a visit to Gettysburg mite be a good idea. Ghost walks are a booming industry there. Not all of them go inside haunted houses or buildings but many do. There are tours that go threw the college campus, seminary or other scary spots around town. Quite often the tour guides are mediums who have experiences of their own to tell. Two of the main tours are Ghosts of Getttysburg tours and Ghostly Images Tours.. Ghosts of gettysburg walks take you threw the spots which were made famous by the former park ranger Mark Nesbitt in his series of books. Ghostly images has tours that go into the jenny Wade house and haunted orphanage. These usually conclude with some "lights out" time, during which guests are able to collect photos or e.v.p's.

Farnsworth House Inn

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This is another place in Gettysburg that has a high spook factor. people come far and wide to experience first hand all the creepy things that have been reported at the Farnsworth House inn. Guests staying at the hotel often claim to hear trunks moving around in the attic, which is where a group of rebel snipers died in a shootout with Union forces almost 200 years ago. According to the owners there is hardly a square inch of space in the hotel that is not occupied by spirits. Even the cellar, (which is currently a tavern) is known to harbor the ghosts of two Union soldiers, one of whom can sometimes be heard singing. The hotel does it's best to cater to the curiosity of it's guests. Haunted tours of the building and the surrounding streets are given nightly. There are also victorian style sceances, ghost hunts and other scary activities at the hotel. For more information, or to make reservations call 717-334-8838.

Gravity Hill

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New Paris Pennsylvania's claim to fame is a strange phenomena known as double gravity, which results in running water upstream, cars rollling uphill, and other strange things. Native Americans in the area attributed the spooky phenomena to supernatural forces but in reality it's just the result of a strange optical illusion. You can find other gravity hills scattered in countries all around the world but they are very rare. The phenomena is also very difficult to describe but that's ok because it costs nothing to take a drive up gravity hill, located in Bedford Country Pennsylvania, and experience it for yourself.

West Mountain Sanitarium

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Located in SCranton Pa, the ruins of this building once served as a sanitarium for people with consumption (otherwise known as tuberculous). The old hospital was home to many patients threw the years between 1903 - 1974 and the ghosts of some patients that have passed away at the hospital are said to still spook its ruins. Local legend also claims that hundreds of people died during a fire at the sanitarium. It's tragic history attracts Ghost hunters and people seeking evidence of the supernatural. Many people have come away with photos of strange figures, orbs and shadow people.