Responsive Website or Native App

When it comes to adjusting your online business for mobile users, the decision you make between developing a native app or a responsive website can be a very difficult one.

There is no hiding from the fact that mobile devices today now drive more traffic through the internet than that of desktop computers or laptops. In fact, more than 60% of digital time spent is that of people on their mobile phones or other mobile devices. This number is only set to grow in future as we all strive for a more convenient way to access the information on the internet.

We are even being pushed in this direction by Google themselves as they give preferable rank to websites that are responsive. This means that it really does not come down to choice anymore on whether you should adapt your online business for mobile users. It now just comes down to how you should go about it!

The two main options you have are that of responsive website design or native app development.

Responsive Website Design

Most of you should know by now what responsive website design is but if you have only just managed to crawl out from under that rock – it is essentially a website that has been designed to fit any screen size possible. This means that it can be accessed just as easily on a small mobile screen as it can on desktop PC. This is because the website automatically adjusts itself to fit any screen.

Its main advantages:

Responsive website design is an excellent option due to it being fairly easy to implement, it is cost effective due to fewer development hours needed, and Google loves it! If you want clarification on the latter, Google actually penalizes websites that are not responsive with a reduction in SERPS.

Using a Native App to Establish Your Business

So the other option that you have is to have a native app developed from scratch. Now this takes time as you will have to have mobile app developers costing a fair bit of money working on this. This is after you have already spent a lot of time on RWD of course.

Now your decision should never be based purely on money spent where your business is concerned. Your decision should be based on which path you believe will be the best for your business in the first place.

Its main advantages:

There are some definite perks to going down this route though such as users not requiring an internet connection to see the content on the app (after initially downloading), having better performance, better security, and the ability to increase brand awareness.

Whichever of the two options you go for, whether it was the right or wrong move, you will still have moved your business forward and made your business a lot more accessible to your target audience. This is now a must-do rather than a should-we! All you need to do now is decide which web design Vancouver based company to use to help you.


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