Changing Technology Changes the World

Information technology has become a part us of our day to day lives in this decade. Everyone today would agree that technology has changed the way of living for everyone in the developed as well as developing parts of the world. Technological inventions like the internet, mobile phones, computers, television and much more have changed things in several fields like social, medical, education, economic and military. Developed nations have benefited more with the developing technologies at the same time they have helped other countries gain insights into the advancements.

I this decade, improvements in information technology have helped us in several aspects using internet one can search for jobs.It helps in education as we can find a lot of information and research quickly, it has brought about several improvements. In the medical sector which have led to an enhancement of life expectancy, it has cancelled out several communication barriers, has served as a great medium for entertainment and much more.

The world is always changing with changing Information technology, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. With the help of advancing technology, the internet and changing face of mobile phones one can do wonders. For example Cell phones earlier were just used to place and receive calls and text messages, but slowly they also advanced. Now a day’s a mobile phone is capable of acting as your computer, event planner, music player, tracker and also television. You can even use apps that have been designed by one of the many mobile application development platform providers out there.

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